In August 2019 all the 6th forms made a class trip to Sankt Andreasberg in the Harz mountains. We went by coach. The weather was great every day. After we arrived at the hostel, we hiked to a summer toboggan run at the Matthias-Schmidt Berg (that's a mountain). It was great fun. (Form 6S)

On Tuesday we went to a swimming pool. I enjoyed the swimming pool, because the slide was very big. We really liked the big waves.

It was interesting to see how the slide looked from inside. After the swimming day we went to the city of Sankt Andreasberg. It was fun for everyone. Then we went back to the hostel. It was a nice day. (Emma)

On Wednesday morning we had breakfast at 8 o'clock. Then we went to a high rope course. I liked the climbing very much. After that we went to the mine „Grube Samson“ and waited for 30 minutes and then went into the mine. We were very excited. I think the mine was great because I learned very, very much. (Liam)

On Thursday we went on a mountainbike tour. It was interesting to see a slamander. I really liked the steep mountain. The distance was about 7 km. After that the adventure games started. They were really cool. (Leander)

(All texts were edited by form 6S and Mrs. Stemme)